Letters From Jimmy

Jimmy has agreed to send a monthly letter to his fans which will be posted here.

Please feel free to visit every month to see what he is working on.

Unfortunately the attorney we hired to visit Jimmy monthly has refused to deliver letters between us. We could not find a replacement attorney that speaks English so we are relying on biannual visits with his wife Elena and a representative from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. However, due to the Wuhan Virus, there have been no visits allowed since March, 2020. Should this procedure resume we will post letters from Jimmy when received. In the meantime, we are now past 3 1/2 years of Jimmy's incarceration. We have a Russian lawyer working on expediting Jimmy's application for a Transfer of  Prisoner to the US. We are also working with our Congressman Tom Malinowski to look into what the USDOJ and the USDOS are doing on Jimmy's behalf. We've made several; attempts to contact our Senators, Menendez and Booker. They ignore our emails, they're not available to take phone calls and won't even book an appointment to meet with them. We have never donated to either one so we assume they are not interested in helping us. Bella and I keep working on his release and will try anything that might get some results.

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