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Эльба Проект

Elbe Project

This project was created by Jimmy and his studio partners in Moscow, Russia as a tribute to a meeting of the Americans and Russians at the Elbe River. Unofficially known as Elbe Day, April 25, 1945, it’s the day Soviet and American troops met at the Elbe River, near Torgau in Germany, marking an important step toward the end of World War II in Europe. This contact between the Soviets, advancing from the East, and the Americans, advancing from the West, meant that the two powers had effectively cut Germany in two. 

Dark Night


Elbe Day has never been an official holiday in any country, but in the years after 1945, the memory of this friendly encounter gained new significance in the context of the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. In commemoration of this sign of unity between our 2 countries, Jimmy and his partners were writing songs and a script to create a musical story to show on May 9, 2019, throughout Russia. The project has been put on hold since November 7, 2016, but had already produced 4 songs though no video was ever produced. The songs are listed below and you are welcome to listen to the music and watch some stock videos of that special spontaneous event.  The promotion was managed by Gima.  In Jimmy's words, "The project was very important to me...the goal was for me to take the most classic war songs of Russia and turn them into little "Wilgus" epics.  My singing partner is Olga Ermakova.  The songs are actually only demos I recorded mostly right in my apartment...but the response when Russians hear these tracks is "wonder" and "excitement".  It was the project of a lifetime..."

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Recordings not available yet.  Meanwhile, enjoy these lyrics...

Hide and Seek
Part 2
Stupid Movie
Veins of a Thief
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