Support The Jimmy Wilgus

Jimmy has been in a Russian prison since November 7, 2016. He was sentenced to 12.5 years on false charges. Two appeals were denied by the Russian Courts. Attorneys advised it may be a waste of time and money because the success rate for an appeal is less than 1% in Russia. The effort had to be made. Being an American citizen has not helped his cause. His parents have been working on a Transfer of Prisoners based on a Treaty between the 2 countries as well as a Prisoner Exchange, which Biden and Putin agreed on in June 2021. Since Jimmy’s incarceration, his parents, wife and friends in both the USA and Russia have sent provisions to improve his diet and money to buy such basics as toilet paper and toothpaste. His parents have retained an attorney to visit Jimmy on a monthly basis to protect his human rights, monitor his health and defend accusations made against him by the prison authorities. This will continue until he is released from prison. All donations will be waiting for Jimmy when he returns to America so he can get back on his feet again.


Jimmy’s father is an author of children’s books which are now being published for the purpose of raising funds to help Jimmy while in prison. These books will be for sale in various venues and all proceeds will be donated to The Jimmy Wilgus Relief Fund. Relief from the constant persecution while in prison and relief from the financial burden Jimmy and his wife have suffered after investing all their savings in the well-being of Jimmy.


The books are published under the pen name, UNCLE JIM. You can buy the first book, "DO ROCKS HAVE BABIES?" which was self-published on (Or go to and search “Do Rocks Have Babies? By Uncle Jim” to download an eBook.)

For copies of the soft cover printing, go to: Feel free to request the book be personalized by Uncle Jim.

This is the first of several books by Uncle Jim that will be for sale. New books will be released periodically, and you can find them on Amazon by searching the author, “Uncle Jim”, or wendysmarketplace, shopping under “Entertainment”. There will be a beautiful children’s Christmas book being released this Fall, 2022, and a series of books as Wendy, Jimmy’s sister, takes us to the zoo to meet the animals from different countries. Hopefully you’ll find these entertaining for the children, but remember, it’s for an important cause.

These books may not be for you, but they make a wonderful gift for a child and you’re helping Jimmy through these turbulent times.


God Bless you and thank you for caring.